Tröbigau, March 2012

Dear Visitors from all over the world,

It is still a pleasure for me to know, that my humble page about a quite small Eastern German village is visited also from guests from far away outside Germany. According to our Guestmap, visitors from all continents have left their traces.

Unfortunately there is not enough capacity for this site to provide with complete contents in several languages. But there is a chance to learn more about Tröbigau in other languages: the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia! There is no Tröbigau related article in English yet, but I hope it will come soon. And everyone is free to contribute to create one!

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your stay on this page. Please feel free to use the different interactive features of this page, e.g. the guestbook, the forum, the comment function on the news or in the photo album, independent from which language you use to write. And don't miss to "like" us in Facebook !

All the best wishes from Tröbigau, a pearl of Upper Lusatia,


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