Tröbigau, January 2010


Dear Vistors all over the world,

Thanks for visiting these pages about our small village Tröbigau in Upper Lusatia, in the very east of Germany!

This page has been online since December 2000, in other words for almost 10 years. During this time, we reached a visitor’s count of around 16.000! This is amazing as the number of inhabitants in Tröbigau is slightly above 300, and still the most of those have no Internet access. As I could notice from your entries in the Guestbook or the world guest map, I could notice that we even had a lot of visitors from abroad, even from so far away as from Canada or Australia. Not all of you might understand German or even our Upper Lusatian dialect. That’s why I am writing this welcome letter.

Unfortunately we have only very old and outdated versions of our pages in foreign languages, as English, Swedish and Spanish. We will do our best to create updated versions in the next future. Until then I hope you can enjoy the new pages of Tröbigau anyway without understanding every word. Please have a look to our new photo album! Pictures speak their own language and don’t need necessarily an explanation.

Furthermore you are welcome to leave a sign in the Guestbook, the world guestmap or to comment the photos, independent from which language you are writing! In case of any special questions or remarks concerning Tröbigau or this page, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!

Have fun in our virtual village!

A Cheers to our home and the Upper Lusatia!


Your Webmaster